Protect yourself, your employees and customers against the risk of exploding bottles.

With the new L&W safety filling cabinet, the filling process is completely safe and without danger. The fear of decrepit or defective bottles has already implemented in many countries a provision for the explosion as a result.

The L&W safety filling cabinet is the affordable alternative to an explosion-proof hopper. In the case of an exploding bottle our solid steel armor protects you against the lethal shrapnel.

Our Safety Filling Cabinet are tested and approved by the American Organization UL.

  • Max. Inlet pressure 350 bar

  • Adjustable flow restrictor

  • Inlet pressure gauge, 0-400 bar, ? 63 mm,

  • Filling pressure gauge(s), 0-400 bar, ? 63 mm

  • Self-venting lever filling valves for each outlet

  • Emergency cut-off switch

  • High pressure solenoid / 230 V

  • Safety door and locking bar are controlled by position switch

  • Start / Stop buttons

  • L&W anti-whip safety connections for DIN/NF connections

  • Silencers for further reducing venting noise

  • Storage inlet/outlet with hand wheel valve and pressure gauge

  • Pressure reducer and safety valve in the inlet for 300 bar storage and only 200 bar filling

  • 8 mm bulkhead outlet for additional filling panels (modular system)

  • Filter system at the inlet (1.7 lt. or 2.3 ltr)

  • Puracon filter monitoring (Auto shut down also available)

  • 5-fold and 7-fold filling cabinet for bottles with maximum ? 160 mm

Technical Data - Single Pressure Cabinets

200 / 300 bar w/o. SV and Pressure Reducer (max. inlet pressure = max. filling pressure)

Order-No.SizeNumbers of filling connection &
Pressure range
W x D x H
0045652 Tanks2 x 200 bar oder 2 x 300 bar780 x 535 x 1640428
0045663 Tanks3 x 200 bar oder 3 x 300 bar1050 x 535 x 1640568


Technical Data - Dual Pressure Cabinets

200 and 300 bar with SV and Pressure Reducer

Order-No.SizeNumbers of filling connection &
Pressure range
W x D x H
0045672 Tanks2 x 200 bar und 2 x 300 bar780 x 535 x 1640430
0045683 Tanks3 x 200 bar und 3 x 300 bar1050 x 535 x 1640570